Death Takes All

So, this story of the eagle has been circulating in the Internet for years. It is claimed that an eagle at 40 years would lose function of its talons and beaks; and to restore their functions to grab, rip and tear; the eagle would have to fly to the mountain where it would have to pluck them off through a painful process; and after a long interval of healing and regrowth, would earn a new lease of life.  Never mind how the eagle survive when it has lost its beak and talons; but the story, said to be about transformation and determination to live is rather uplifting. I have seen this video before but it was only during the second viewing that it struck that animals do get old and die too. A Buddhist sayings about Death Life is uncertain; death is certain comes to mind; death according to Buddhism is a natural phenomenon and most certainly applies to all living beings; man and animals included.

Just enjoy this video, won't you?


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