Buddhist Apps

Learning about Buddhism has never been easier. Perhaps, even Buddhists  during Buddha's time don't have it that easy. Buddha, said to be born  either in Lumbini in modern Nepal or Kapilavastu in modern  India had to travel hundreds of kilometres to eastern India to places like Sarnath or Varanasi to preach. It makes one wonder what was the chance for a person to come in touch with Buddha's version of Dhamma.   Fast forward to our time, in the 70s and 80s, one perhaps has to live in or near a Buddhist community and has to have a chance to get to hear a good Dhamma talk from a bona-fide monk or get hold of some valid Buddhist Literature like the late Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda's gem, What Buddhist believe? These days, you can simply  download the book and other Buddhist or non-Buddhist literature in  your smart phones since there are plenty of free apps available for your disposal. You even have free apps to help you meditate!


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