When a Snake Bites

When I passed Andy's house the other day, his car was nowhere in sight. The window at the back of his house was shut and that usually means he was out for his meals or on some errands. When his house appeared deserted for a few days in a row, I thought something was amiss. Then, I thought he could be somewhere on vacation which was very unusual too. Then, just when I had put the matter to rest, to my surprise, he messaged to say he was bitten by a snake. Apparently, a snake had slipped into his house during the hot season and had made itself comfortable under the table where he sat. Snake bites from a venomous snake often results in severe pain, vomiting, blurred vision, tingling of the limbs, sweating; sometimes even bleeding and kidney failure. Andy reported that he felt intense pain at the area bitten and  it was exceptionally hot as well as if it was being burned. He said that it was a good thing that he had practised mindfulness prior to this. Now, I'm not sure how mindfulness helps. Could it be mindfulness calms the nerves?